• These amazing “Spiral boards” are the perfect item if you are looking to add some mindful play into your kids home learning.  The exercise of tracing the reversible labyrinths will improve the interaction and synchronization of the left and right hemisphere of the brain. It can also be used as a balance toy by rolling a marble through the labyrinths. These exercises result in long term memory, perception, balance, coordination, find motor skills, concentration and mindfulness.


    How to use:

    – tracing each labyrinth using left hand

    – tracing each labyrinth using right hand

    – tracing both labyrinth using both hands at the same time

    – balancing the board while rolling the marble through the labyrinth from one side to the other ( this activity can turn into a marble race for 2 children while holding their own board)

    – pushing the marble through the board with tracing stick


    Adding many possibilities to learn through play by filling up the labyrinth with different loose parts like grains, playdough, sands, etc.


    Note: With the nature of timber, each is an individual piece as the timber grain on the items you receive might be different to those in photo.

    Spiral Tracing Board

    SKU: 00001
    • Made from untreated NZ pine.

      Includes :

      1 x spiral tracing board

      2 x tracing sticks

      1 x marble (supervision play advised / suitable for 3+)

      Dimension : 24 x 46 cm