• Inspired by Montessori sand tray, a sensory writing board is a wonderful way to encourage and develop pre-writing skills, letter formation, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Children can draw a picture or letter then shake the tray to start again. It is fun and economical. Like finger painting, this is a good way to encourage mark making without having to use a tool. Children love to touch and feel different textures, and the fingertip is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. The sensory writing board allows kids to see how their fingers create letters and words. Sand, small grains or salt can be used as they are tactile, and they feel wonderful for curious little fingers. An engaging activity for preschoolers. The board has 3 sections, on top is a slot for flashcard, second section for spelling with ABC blocks or basic math with 123 blocks and the large section at the bottom is for sensory writing which is also perfect as ABC blocks display tray for toy rotation and invitation to play. Note: This product is for wooden board only, ABC blocks and 123 blocks can be purchased as an extra.

    Sensory Writing Board

    SKU: 00009
    • Made from untreated NZ pine.

      The board has 3 sections

      1. flashcard slot

      2. spelling, CVC or math section ( to be used with alphabet or blocks)

      3. sensory writing section 

      Size 24 x 36 cm