• Tracing finger labyrinth is a perfect daily practice to help children relax, self-regulate and build concentration. It can be used as a calming device when they are experiencing some big emotions. For children with attention difficulty, this exercise will provide a sense of calm and grounding. 

    It is also great for adults as it provides a space for mindful practice. Unlike a maze with complex branching that challenges the mind, finger labyrinth has single pathway that calms the mind. With regular practice, they will help soothe the nerve, ground the soul and heal the body. 

    How to use :

    🌈 From the start point - trace your finger through the path until you reach the centre, inhale exhale and relax

    🌈 From the centre - trace your finger in reverse until you reach the way out

    🌈 Add energy stones, crystal and positive affirmations while you trace the labyrinth

    🌈 Add a little bit of fun for children by adding tracing stick and marble to push along the labyrinth and back

    Made from Recycled NZ native timber with natural oil finished. Come in a keepsake cotton bag.

    Size : 24 x 24 cm

    Note: Due to nature of recycled timber, each piece is an individual which makes them uniquely beautiful.

    Love Finger Labyrinth