• Do you want to help your child develop emotional intelligence while assisting them in coping with stress, anxiety or frustration?

    Take children through a basic finger tracing exercise while paying close attention to their breath with this beautiful heart finger labyrinth. Tracing labyrinth promotes a growth mindset and teaches them self-relaxation, self-awareness and self-regulation skills. It also provides a calm setting in which children can reflect and grow. There's no right or wrong way to navigate a labyrinth, no set pace, just follow your own feeling and time. 

    What skills does the activity work on?

    🔹fine motor skills

    🔹visual tracking

    🔹hand-eye coordination

    🔹emotion identification


    🔹awareness of the breathe

    🔹connectedness to peace and joy

    When is the good time to do this activity?

    🔸calm corner at home / classroom

    🔸a tool to help de-escalate conflict

    🔸deep breathing practice

    🔸reflecting on past emotions

    How to use:

    🌈 from the start point - trace your finger through the path until you reach the centre, inhale, exhale and relax

    🌈 from the centre - trace your finger in reverse until you reach the way out

    🌈 add energy stones, crystals, positive affirmations and gratitude practice while you trace the labyrinth

    🌈 add a little bit of fun for children by adding tracing stick and marble to push along the path and back

    Made from Recycled NZ native timber with natural oil finished. Come in a keepsake cotton bag.

    Heart finger labyrinth