• CVC words are three letter words that follow a consonant/vowel/consonant pattern (like c.a.t, d.o.g, f.o.x, s.i.t, etc)  It is considered the simplest way to introduce little children to the concept that words have a beginning, middle and ending sound and blending these sounds together creates a word.  


    The CVC board will provide a fun transition from recognizing letters, to associating those letters with their unique sounds, to blending the 3 sounds together to make their first words, to swapping each vowel/consonant to make more new words. An inviting way to begin children reading journey.




    CVC Board

    • All our wooden learning boards are made with locally sourced untreated NZ pine.

      Size : 20 x 36 cm


      Available in 3 options:

      1. CVC board only

      2. CVC board with ABC Blocks (vibrant)

      3. CVC board with ABC Blocks (neutral)