• "Being playful and fun is key when initiating mindful exercises with children"


    The calming wheel finger labyrinth is designed with the aim in providing a tool and method for children to practice mindfulness, which is when they take the time to play close attention to an activity and developing awareness of what is happening inside. Developing close attention to a single activity with mindful breathing has profound positive effects on the mind and body, including developing focus, decreasing anxiety and helping with emotional regulation. With continued practice, they will be able to start recognizing their emotions and will be able to diffuse stressful times effectively themselves.


    Each and every one of us has the ability to feel calmer, more relaxed, and more alert at any given moment by practising the conscious breathing. It is a life-long tool for managing stress and cultivating inner peace and it’s never too early nor too late to start practicing.


    How to use :

    🌈 From the start point - trace your finger through the path until you reach the centre, inhale exhale and relax

    🌈 From the centre - trace your finger in reverse until you reach the way out

    🌈 Add energy stones, crystal, positive affirmations and gratidute practice while you trace the wheel

    🌈 Add a little bit of fun for children by adding tracing stick and marble to push along the wheel and back


    Made from Recycled NZ native timber with natural oil finished. Come in a keepsake cotton bag.


    Size : 16 x 16 cm


    Note: Due to nature of recycled timber, each piece is an individual which makes uniquely beautiful.

    Calming wheel Finger labyrinth