• Build Your Own Wooden Playhouse / Building walls / Waldorf Inspired Wooden Playhouse / Montessori Wooden Construction Set

    Playing with dolls and/or figures teaches children so much about story telling, imitating, role playing, cooperation, collaboration, trust, friendship, emotional development. This imaginative play helps with social skills, motor skills and vocabulary acquisition. A playhouse of their own will help foster their imagination and play in their growing mind.No space, no worries as this Build Your Own – Playhouse comes flatpack, easy to assemble and dismantle, perfect option for toy rotation! Each piece is made using 6mm high quality natural birch plywood. The beautiful thing about this toy is not only does it look cool and realistic but it is also multifaceted allowing kids to build their playhouse to whichever design suits their mood and energy.

    What's included in the set:

    12 building walls (6 small walls and 6 large walls) + 4 wooden dolls

    Package dimension:

    30 x 23 x 10 cm


    *** Both the Build Your Own kit sets : Castle and Playhouse are compatible so you can mix and match to make up a whole new play space and/or combining additional creativities, story telling and fantasy.

    Build Your Own - Playhouse

    SKU: 00003
    • What's included in the set:

      SMALL - 12 walls (6 small walls and 6 large walls) + 4 wooden dolls

      LARGE - 18 walls (9 small walls and 9 large walls) + 4 wooden dolls

      * Please note the furniture in the pictures are not included.


      Package dimension:

      30 x 23 x 10 cm