• This build your own-Castle Set is a great open-ended toy to encourage interaction and imaginative play.

    How many walls do we need to create a castle?

    Will we have the castle closed or open?Do we mix large walls with small walls?Are we the Knights in shining armour protecting our kingdom or is it Harry Potter and the magicians lair?

    The possibilities are endless with this Castle kitset. Each piece is made using 6mm high quality natural birch plywood and can be interlocked together into so many configurations, new day new design! The set comes with 4 wooden dolls which can be painted into their new beloved characters or add their favourite soft toys, knights, princesses, dinosaurs and dragons or super heros and you get a new story! At the end of each play, simply disconnect them for easy storage. The set comes in a storage box so you take it with you anywhere you go!

    What included in the set:

    12 building walls (6 large and 6 small) + 4 wooden dolls + 1 ladder

    Package dimension : 30 x 23 x 10 cm

    *** Both the Build Your Own kit sets : Castle and Playhouse are compatible so you can mix and match to make up a whole new play space and/or combining additional creativities, story telling and fantasy.

    Build your own – Castle

    SKU: 00015
    • What included in the set:

      * Small set comes with 12 building walls (6 large and 6 small) + 4 wooden dolls  + 1 ladder

      * Large set comes with 18 building walls (9 large and 9 small) + 4 wooden dolls + 1 ladder


      Package dimension : 30 x 23 x 10 cm