• Teaching kids to look after their minds is as important as teaching them to look after their bodies. But as we all know that getting kids to sit in quiet stillness is not as easy as it looks.


    This Breathe Board is designed to help with mindful breathing. Also a great tool to assist with basic meditation in children or adults. Breathe in as you trace through the left spiral and breathe out as you trace through the right spiral.


    In a difficult situation when children feel overwhelmed with emotions, tracing their fingers through this board is a cue for the mind to calm down.


    Mindful breathing benefits :

    – healthy sleep

    – attention

    – creativity

    – focus

    – mood

    – reduce stress level

    – emotion awareness

    – overall well being


    We have designed these breathe board to be as small as the size of a small book so you can pop it in your bag for the car ride or a day in the park.


    Made from untreated NZ pine

    Size 23 x 15 cm

    Breathe Board

    SKU: 00005
    • Made from untreated NZ pine

      Size 23 x 15 cm