• Our rainbow-coloured ABC blocks are a fun way to introduce letter recognition to your little one and can be used through to their school years to practice spelling and building words. The set also offers countless open-ended playing opportunities, here are some ideas:


    Tracing - feel the motion of letter formation by tracing through the groove of each letter with their finger

    Practicing - arranging letters in correct order of the alphabet

    Filling - letters with loose parts like chickpeas, rice, sands, playdough, grains, etc and use them in conjunction with your creative play ideas

    Spelling - practice forming words together

    Matching - the letter with name of objects or people that starts with that letter

    Building - sort, stack and build together

    Experimenting - the "domino effect" by arranging them into preferred shape.

    Leaving - little sweet notes around the house for each other.

    Hiding - take the letters with you when you go for a walk and hide them in the bush for some treasure hunts fun.

    Would like to extend your word building capacity? We offer a vowel set to be purchased as an extra so children could expand their word formation / spelling possibilities as their learning grows.

    Note: ABC blocks fit perfectly on the Sensory Writing board and the CVC board.

    ABC Blocks

    SKU: 00012
    • What's includes in the ABC blocks:

      - 26 colourful alphabet blocks (dimension 6 x 6 cm)

      -  1 draw string bag for easy storage

      What's includes in the Vowel set:

      - 5 colourful A E I O U blocks


      Each piece is handcrafted from FSC certified sustainable board that come from 100% horticultural waste materials with formaldehyde-free adhesive and finished using chemical-free paint and oil.

      Note: Due to small batch production, colours can slightly vary across different production.