• This colourful number blocks are ideal learning resource for early years numeracy development. It is used to teach children about number, number relationship and placing value. As well as developing number recognition, children will learn how each number form by tracing their finger on the grove engraved on each block. Added in the set are basic math symbols + - = to expand learning opportunities as they grow from one to one counting to addition and subtraction.


    The set also offers countless open-ended playing opportunities, here are some ideas : filling each number with grains, building, stacking, sorting by colour/value, hiding block around the house for treasure hunt session.

    Small set includes 1x number 0-9 , + , - , =

    Large set includes 2x number 0-9 , + , - , = (to expand the learning from 0-100)


    Each set comes in cotton storage bag, making it easy to carry it with you for outdoor adventure.

    Note: 123 blocks fit perfectly on the Ten sorting board and the Sensory Writing board.0

    123 Blocks

    SKU: 00008
    Color: Neutral
    • What's includes in the 123 blocks:

      - 13 colourful blocks 0 - 9, +, - , = (dimension 6 x 6 cm)

      -  1 cotton draw string storage bag

      Each piece is handcrafted from upcycled material (FSC certified sustainable board that come from 100% horticultural waste materials with formaldehyde-free adhesive)  finished using chemical-free paint and oil.

      Note: Due to small batch production, colours can slightly vary across different production.